BLDC Motor Technology

Carro Electrical Co., Ltd., was established in 2008, we are also the factory focus on energy-saving products since 2008. The first product the founder created was DC Box Fan, which replaced the traditional AC motor with a brushed DC micro motor. Under the same working condition, energy savings were 50%.

In 2013, the first brushless DC Motor Ceiling Fan was launched. After the success of its launch, the DC Ceiling Fan was made into Solar Energy Support, it started to grow rapidly and the products were sold all over the world.

In 2018 we already have 6 Invention Patents, 27 Appearance Patents,24 Utility model Patents, and 60% Private brands.

The Carro Electrical’s smart fan’s motor is DC brushless which is energy-saving 70% energy efficient compare to an AC motor, and more than 30000 hours of life in high efficiency.

  • Invention Patents
  • Powerful Performance
  • Energy-saving
  • Silent Motor

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Carro Eletrical Co., for quality, service, and innovation. Our over a decade worth of DC fan technology expertise brings customized tech support and industry-leading warranties.

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